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Orange arrow Can I pay my parking rent online?

  If you live in one of our downtown properties your parking lease is separate from your apartment lease and parking fees need to be paid separately. Resident and non-residents can pay either online, by mail or in person. If you are paying for parking using the Online Resident Portal you will use the...
Orange arrow What do I do if someone is parked in my assigned parking space?

  Please do not call emergency maintenance if there is an unauthorized vehicle in your parking space after business hours. If an unauthorized vehicle is parked in your space, please contact our office. Although we try to monitor the lots as much as possible, we are not always able to catch unauthoriz...
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Orange arrow Do you rent parking spaces to people who don't rent an apartment from you?

  Yes, many of our downtown parking spaces are available to rent seperately from our apartments. You can see the full listing of parking spaces available to rent on our website....
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