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Requesting Maintenance

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How do I request repairs or maintenance in my apartment?


If you have a maintenance request during our regular business hours please call 608-255-7100 and let us know what you need repaired. Maintenance request can also be made using the Online Resident Portal. To access the portal, please visit and click on the Resident Portal link.

If there is an emergency maintenance situation please contact our after-hours on-call answering service immediately at 608-283-3133. 

Maintenance emergencies include:

  • A problem or a situation that has a dramatic impact on your safety, security or comfort, OR that is causing (or could cause) severe damage to the building.
  • Flooding – An amount of leaking or flowing water that is impossible to contain by conventional methods such as a bucket or a mop.
  • Lack of heat in the winter – If your home has insufficient heat, this is an emergency situation.
  • Fire – Do not attempt to put out a fire yourself! Pull the fire alarm, vacate the building, call 911, and then call the emergency maintenance number.
  • No hot water – An absence of hot water in the building requires immediate attention.
  • If the entire building is experiencing a power outage, call Alliant Energy, then call emergency maintenance.
  • Severe structural damage – Smashed windows, fallen ceiling, doors kicked in, etc.
  • No air conditioning from April to September when the temperatures are over 90˚.
  • A broken toilet in a one bathroom unit.
  • A broken refrigerator or stove, or a garbage disposal that’s broken and causing a clog.
  • A broken or inoperable exterior door or lock.
  • Natural gas leaks – call Alliant Energy immediately.

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